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Access control systems that store data in the cloud are now a widely accepted way to restrict the traffic going into a business. One of the most exciting things about access control is the ability to manage it remotely 100% of the time, from a secure website you can access from any computer or device. But that’s not the only benefit you can reap from these systems. Here are some other important things to know about cloud-based access control.

There’s one card for all your locations.

If you’re responsible for multiple locations of an organization, a cloud-based access control solution can provide access to any of them with the same card. That’s ideal when there are employees who work out of multiple sites, or who have vendors frequenting more than one location.

You can scale up or down.

Whether you’re opening up a new location or closing the doors on another, your cloud-based access control solution can be easily scaled up or down accordingly. That’s the beauty of minimal equipment and offsite data storage. It’s more affordable, too.

It’s easily integrated with other technology.

A cloud-based access control solution can easily integrate with your existing security infrastructure: alarms, video surveillance, intercoms and more. Tell us what you have in place, and we’ll tell you how we can make all these systems work together seamlessly. We’ll even show you the most effective way to manage it.

To learn more about this convenience and cost-effectiveness, contact RC Security Consulting and inquire about cloud-based access control. Texas-based businesses can request a complimentary security analysis.

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