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Replacing outdated door locks with a modern access control solution is one of the best ways to upgrade the security at a commercial enterprise, no matter the size of the building. The simple truth is, the ability to reduce security risks by replacing keys with electronic credentials has revolutionized business security. But is there anything for companies that want an even more advanced solution than the card credential method of access control? There is! It’s biometric access control, and it takes “revolutionary” one step further.

Biometric Access Control Defined

A biometric access control solution uses infrared or near-infrared (NIR) technology to authenticate the identity of building occupants upon entry. Whether a company utilizes this technology via facial recognition, fingerprint scanning or retina scanning, a biometric access control system can verify the identity of employees and other approved occupants quickly and precisely, even when light is low.

In fact, it should be able to track multiple faces concurrently so that individuals entering as a group are authenticated one by one. This is ideal for large employers, government buildings and public conference areas.

Biometric Access Control Applications

Biometric access control may sound like technology that only suits the most high-profile sites. Nothing could be further from the truth, as biometric access control can be applied across a variety of industries: from aviation, to financial services, to manufacturing, to healthcare, to childcare. As you are likely aware, all of these industries encompass sites of different sizes and levels of vulnerability. Whether it’s to verify identities at data centers or day care centers, there are critical security needs in society that are currently being filled by biometric access control. Dallas Fort Worth companies that are interested in bringing on biometrics for their own facility management can contact RC Security Consulting to learn more. We will be glad to speak with you.

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