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Whether to upgrade to IP security cameras is no small decision. A major part of making this choice is whether to only upgrade gradually, or go all in and replace all your analog cameras with IP right away. Analog cameras do boast some advantages, like lower cost and plug-and-play simplicity; however, IP video comes out a winner on clarity and sharpness of the security video. Texas organizations that are weighing the pros and cons of upgrading to IP video can also consider these factors that make IP security cameras superior to analog. 

The Coverage Factor

When it comes to coverage of an area, IP video is the clear winner. Many times, it takes several analog cameras to cover the same amount of ground that one IP camera can cover. This is because IP cameras have the capacity to condense up to four cameras into one. So in large areas of a property with high traffic, IP is often the better choice when possible. 

The Cabling Factor

Analog cameras are simpler to operate; however, they require extra cables that take up more space. Analog requires a power cable and a DVR cable, while IP cameras only require a single cable in order to run. If an organization is looking to streamline equipment storage and reduce the overall footprint of the equipment, then IP cameras have the advantage.

The Encryption Factor

Analog cameras do not encrypt data, and lack of encryption means the data is vulnerable to hacking. What would a hacker want with your video surveillance? Believe it or not, playing pranks involving video surveillance are popular among hacker groups. Another hacking activity is to replace the victim’s signal with an outside one. There are a variety of reasons that encrypting video surveillance data is important, and IP video provides that opportunity.

These are some other features that IP video offers security cameras. Texas organizations can opt to go all in on IP or make the upgrade gradually; either way, the benefits should be noticeable immediately. To discuss an upgrade to IP video surveillance, contact RC Security Consulting. We will be glad to answer your questions. 

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