Getting More Out of Your Security Consultation

security consultation

When it’s time to make electronic security improvements, scheduling a consultation appointment is the first step toward improved building security. Central Texas enterprises that are ready to get started can follow these steps to prepare for the consultation appointment.  

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5 Quick Tips to Optimize Small Business Security

small business security comapnies in mckinney tx

Cybersecurity is now equal to physical security in terms of importance to small businesses. Now, merging the two is the only way to achieve satisfactory small business security. With that reality in mind, here are five quick tips for small business security that can apply to nearly any industry.

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3 Reasons to Switch To Managed Video Surveillance

When a commercial enterprise arrives at the decision to bring its video surveillance system up to the most current technology standard, that should mean transitioning from its legacy analog technology to a managed video solution. Upgrading to managed video surveillance services is a smart move for a variety of reasons. Here are some of the most common motives behind making this step.

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Upgrading to IP Video, Part 2

ip video companies in mckinney tx

When it comes to coverage of an area, IP video is the clear winner. Many times, it takes several analog cameras to cover the same amount of ground that one IP camera can cover. This is because IP cameras have the capacity to condense up to four cameras into one. So in large areas of a property with high traffic, IP is often the better choice when possible. Here’s why…

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Upgrading to IP Video, Part 1: Pros & Cons

pros and cons of ip video in mckinney texas

So, you’re ready to upgrade to IP security cameras. Should you start with a partial upgrade, or go all in? As the popularity of analog security cameras diminishes and IP cameras move further toward market domination, many facility managers are asking themselves this question when it comes time to make security system upgrades.

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