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When a commercial enterprise arrives at the decision to bring its video surveillance system up to the most current technology standard, that should mean transitioning from its legacy analog technology to a managed video solution. Upgrading to managed video surveillance services is a smart move for a variety of reasons. Here are some of the most common motives behind making this step.

IT departments have limits.

Even at the strongest enterprises, many IT departments simply don’t have the capability to store hundreds of hours of security footage. That’s when managed services can step in, with video management software that controls all video from a central location offsite. With video surveillance as a service (VSaaS), all the footage lives in the cloud – not at the business site.

Scalability = Cost Effectiveness

The ability to scale services according to the number of cameras being monitored is a great way for organizations to manage security costs. Additionally, the subscription-based model of managed video surveillance services makes it a more controllable security solution. Without DVR or NVR platforms driving up costs, a managed video surveillance system is a great way to keep eyes on the premises with minimal manpower and equipment.

Security and Accessibility  

Stored in an offsite server with airtight encryption, managed video surveillance systems offer the highest level of security for recorded footage. As for accessibility, storing video in the cloud enables viewing on demand. The days of combing through hours of security footage to find a single clip are gone, because cameras are only triggered by motion detection. For organizations that are transitioning from an analog camera system, these differences can be recognized immediately.

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