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VoIP phone has all the bells and whistles today’s business owners want: headset compatibility, call monitoring, chat function, even call recording. But what about the standard business phone functions you need? Are you giving all those things up by switching to an internet-powered VoIP phone system? Absolutely not. Here are the basic things you can do with VoIP – those things that are simply indispensable to your business phone system.

Attended Call Transfer

Whether it’s you, your assistant or other employees in your organization, there are people in your business who need to transfer calls on a daily basis. A VoIP phone system can make transferring calls easier than ever – no more asking the neighbor in the next cubicle, “How do we transfer calls again?” Now, it’s simple to transfer an incoming call to an extension, a group or another phone number after announcing the party to be transferred.

Call Forwarding

VoIP phone systems allow you to forward multiple types of calls. It’s easy to automatically set up busy call forwarding, so your calls will be forwarded to an assistant or trusted colleague automatically when your line is busy. There are also multiple ways to forward calls when you plan to be away for awhile, whether it’s via the portal or via your device. We can show you the ropes when we configure your system (there’s zero configuration on your part).

Call Holding and Parking

Sure, you know what call holding is: the ability to place a caller on hold briefly while you find the person they need to talk to, or while you take another call. You can play music, or even a commercial, while a caller is on hold. Call parking is a similar, but different feature. Unlike a call you place on hold, a parked call can be picked up at another extension. When your busy, bustling staff makes use of this feature, productivity can skyrocket.

VoIP is a technological advancement in business communication, but it also performs all the basic phone functions you rely on. For more information, call RC Security Consulting. We look forward to speaking with you.

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