Customer communications have expanded to more options than just voice channels. Now live chat and texting have entered the mix, so your business needs a customer engagement communication system. Contact Center (CC) has evolved call center functionalities and offers the perfect solution for your business.

What Does Contact Center Do?

CC provides your business with flexible and effective communication tools to improve customer engagement for all contact styles, including chat, voice, and text. This system gives your agents access to information about the caller instantly boosting customer engagement. CC increases the number of First Contact Resolutions and decreases the amount of time customers have to stay on the phone to resolve their issue.

This communication solution helps your agents and supervisors manage company resources more efficiently without decreasing customer satisfaction. As a result, it helps you reduce overhead. CC can be customized to meet the needs of the agents and administrators, including reports, dashboards, and screen pops with integration of the database. Contact Center seamlessly integrates with most PBX platforms. Databases can be installed as standalone cloud offerings.

Who Can Benefit From Using Contact Center

CC is the perfect solution for any company that wants its customers to have the best experience through monitoring, management, and overall enhancement of the whole customer engagement process. Customers have higher expectations for interactions with customer support, accounting, management, and sales. These higher expectations demand better communication channels and professional agents. CC is perfect for those businesses struggling to deliver quality customer support and meet customer expectations.

Vertical Markets Using Contact Center Today

You can utilize CC anyway that supports the needs of your company. Many vertical markets already use Contact Center, including:

  • Education- Educator services and human resources
  • Healthcare- Private practices and centralized patient services
  • Public Sector and Government- Federal, state, and local agencies that have centralized service locations
  • Insurance- Customer service and policy management
  • Financial- Membership services and customer service
  • Utilities- Customer and billing services
  • Retail- Customer service departments and centralized ordering
  • Transportation- Operator and dispatch services

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