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Often, a business may have a security system already in place before considering the installation of an access control system to improve environmental awareness around the building. When that’s the case, there may be questions regarding this new installation.

Those questions might include:

  • Will the access control system interfere with my security alarms?
  • Will the access control system interfere with my video surveillance?
  • Can I make all these systems work together somehow?

The answers to those questions are no, no and yes. Installing an access control system, so that a door will only unlock when an employee swipes an activated card or key fob in order to enter without keys, will not hinder the effectiveness of your alarm or video surveillance. In fact, you can make all these systems work together to create an impenetrable security force around your building.

What Access Control and Video Integration Does

When a new access control system is integrated with your building’s existing video surveillance, the video can be used to verify an access control event that has been flagged for review. Then, your system administrator can play the video on demand. All they’ll need to do is check the report logs (easily searchable through your secure login) and watch the video clip that corresponds to the timestamped access control event.

What the Report Can Tell You

It’s important that administrators take the time to review the system reports regularly. It will show them who was at the door every time someone swiped a card, and whether they were the person assigned to that card. And although we’re using “card” as the example credential here, other access control credentials can also be used, from key fobs to numeric codes on a key pad.

What if your admins have other things on their plate, and just don’t have time to view report logs? This is the case for many organizations. The good news is, it’s also possible for them to receive text alerts for triggered access events. If failed access attempts are the only events they wish to receive text alerts for, that can be arranged. That way, they’ll know every time an access control event is a possible break-in attempt.

To learn more about improving environmental awareness through access control and video surveillance integration, Texas organizations can contact RC Security Consulting. We will be glad to provide more information.

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