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When it’s time to make electronic security improvements, scheduling a consultation appointment is the first step toward improved building security. Central Texas enterprises that are ready to get started can follow these steps to prepare for the consultation appointment.  

Confirm that the appointment is complimentary.

Many professional services, from attorneys to general contractors, offer a complimentary consultation to help consumers make a more informed decision. Security integrators should offer this as well, but it’s important to confirm ahead of time that your consultation will be complimentary. Before you schedule a security assessment, make sure the consultation to evaluate the security needs of your property will be free of charge.

Provide helpful information in advance.

An experienced security integrator should already have ideas regarding the needs of the potential client, taking into account existing knowledge of the industry and facility. However, it’s still a good idea for the client to provide some referential information ahead of time. Some examples of things you may want to share in advance are:

  • What you’re looking to have installed. Cameras, intrusion detection, access control and other solutions may be part of your plan. Run your ideas for security improvements by the vendor so they will come to the consultation more prepared to present you with solutions.  
  • Whether any of these solutions will be upgrades. Do you already have any of these solutions installed, but you’re looking to upgrade them? Consider telling the vendor what you already have in place so they can take that into account prior to the consultation.
  • What areas you aim to secure. Are you looking for cameras on the entrances, or remote video monitoring for more vulnerable areas of the property? Maybe you don’t know what you need, but you do know wherebetter security is needed. In any case, share what you know with the security consultant when you book the consultation.
  • Whether you’ve had a recent security event. Was there a break-in? Did your existing cameras spot a trespasser, and now you hope to integrate the cameras with intrusion detection? If there is an event that triggered this investment in improved security, let the security consultant know.

Have appropriate questions ready.

Some good questions to ask a security vendor during the consultation include:

  • How long will installation take for the plan you’re proposing?
  • What kind of support can you provide after installation?
  • What kind of response time can we expect from your monitoring service?

These are some important steps to take when preparing for a consultation on building security. Texas facilities that would like to schedule a complimentary security consultation can call RC Security Consulting; we will be glad to speak with you.

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