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When it comes time to upgrade commercial security system or install a new one, entrusting the duties of managed implementation to an experienced integrator has measurable advantages. At RC Security Consulting, we earn the buy-in of our clients by demonstrating that experience – starting with these critical parts of project management.

Coordinating Services

With any large commercial project, logistics are everything; an electronic security project is no exception. The integrator that has been trusted with project management must be able to coordinate efforts across all involved; this includes monitoring the work of any subcontractors, and having open communication with all in-house resources. At RC Security Consulting, we have the logistical experience to coordinate all of it.

Identifying Roles

A commercial security project leaves little room for error; that’s why it’s imperative all project aspects are clearly identified before the work begins: objectives, scope, goals, receivables, and required resources. Creating a project brief or outline that identifies these things needs to happen before any work can begin. Once it’s all documented, we can coordinate the logistics and begin the managed implementation.

Controlling Quality

When it comes to outsourcing to any technology vendor, choosing one you can trust to perform quality control is a must. This QC role involves supervising the value of everything that happens during the project lifecycle: the roles, the milestone completions, and the quality of work itself. The client should not have to take this on; that’s why it’s critical the integrator can be trusted with quality control.

This is the comprehensive project management every commercial security project requires. To speak with an integrator specializing in project management for commercial security, Texas businesses should call RC Security Consulting. We look forward to speaking with you.

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RC Security Consulting protects the heart of Texas with design, installation, retrofit, repair, inspection and monitoring of commercial security systems. We are centrally located in Collin County and provide service for almost 200 miles in all directions.

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