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Your business is ready for a new security plan – but contrary to what many business owners believe, creating the plan itself is not the first step. There’s actually one step you need to take first: confirming what your critical assets are. After all, it’s hard to protect your assets before they’ve been identified.

What Your Critical Assets Are  

Although these could vary depending on the type of organization, the assets a security plan should protect may include:

  • Employees – Without its employees, a business ceases to work at its optimal potential. Employees deserve a safe place to work, and it’s your responsibility to provide it. They are part of the critical assets under the protective umbrella of this security plan.
  • Equipment – The equipment that everyone under the roof of the business uses, from production equipment to information technology, is also a critical asset. Once you identify all the equipment that needs protecting, your security integrator can determine how to best keep all of it secure.
  • Inventory – Of course, inventory is also crucial. If inventory is lost by theft, fire or natural disaster, the replacement cost alone can be catastrophic. Your security plan should address all the places areas where you house inventory, whether it’s the sale floor or the storage room.
  • Facilities – The facilities that contain all these things are perhaps the most critical assets of all. Before anything inside can be secured, buildings must be protected from outside intrusion.
  • Intelligence – Proprietary information is critical, and where it is stored should be protected. From financial information to internal methods, intelligence matters so much – and the security system should reflect that.

Creating a Security Plan

After confirming the critical assets, it’s time to form the security plan. Your professional security systems provider will be tasked with doing this; it should be an experienced security integrator with a track record of implementing security plans for businesses like yours.

To get started with an integrator that can create a plan for commercial security, Texas businesses can contact RC Security Consulting to request a complimentary security evaluation. We will be glad to meet with you.

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