Having access control installed is an important first step, but it’s not the final step when it comes to the daily management of building access. The database and the access control system itself have to be managed, and most facilities are unequipped to do this properly. If you have an outdated access control system, or you are ready to take the first step, we encourage you to not only upgrade – but also, to make the investment in our access control management service.

First Steps to Access Control Management

For small to medium-sized businesses, upgrading to a managed access control solution just makes sense. First, we install secure, keyless access stations at every entry point of the facility. Already have card readers installed? In many cases, we are able to work with them so you can manage costs by utilizing your existing equipment (even your current access cards!). If you choose this route, you’re already saving money from day one.

Speaking of existing equipment: Are you interested in integrating your new access control system with the intrusion detection (alarm) and CCTV (cameras) you already have? We can make it happen, resulting in a unified security platform that brings your business into the IP era – meaning it will be up to the most current security technology standards.

Monitoring Access Control Systems

After installation and integration, access control management can begin. As part of this service, we are able to monitor your door conditions on a daily basis so you will be aware of any unsecured entry points. That means if a door is left open for a length of time, you’ll know about it and can address it right away. And of course, you’ll receive regular reports to ensure you’re aware of who’s coming in the building (and through which entries). These are the “little things” that make access control management worth its weight in gold as it reduces the risk of trespassing, theft and violent crime.

RC Security Consulting has provided this service to hundreds of commercial clients throughout Dallas Fort Worth. Access control management is a topic that yields a lot of questions, naturally, and we’re happy to answer them for you. To learn more about securing your building with this valuable service, call us today. 

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