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For simpler, more streamlined management of building entry, switching from traditional locks and keys to cloud-based access control should be an easy decision. Here are a few advantages that can result from making the shift to cloud access control when your Texas-based organization is ready for improved building management. 

Lower Installation Costs

For business owners who have “been there, done that” with early access control models, it’s important to know that modern, cloud-based access control options are easier to retrofit than their predecessors. For one, there are no more high installation costs because of intricate wiring requirements; instead, we simply replace the door locking hardware with the access control reader. The communication is powered by wi-fi; it’s easier, more affordable and totally wireless.

Broader Scalability

Now, security integrators can offer an advanced line of access control systems – from traditional, computer-based systems to the latest in IP, browser-based technology. At RC Security Consulting, we can implement a one-door, standalone keypad system for a small business just as efficiently as we can implement a system for a high-rise structure, multi-building campus or other location with dozens of access points.  

More Customization Options

The days of cookie cutter access control are in the rearview mirror. From popular options like card readers and keypads to advanced magnetic locks and electric strikes, cloud-based access control offers a wide range of choices. Even video imaging is possible; if you are interested in this more analytical approach to access control, we can deliver it. A customized access control system is possible for businesses of all sizes, and the data is stored safely in the cloud for your security.

If your organization is ready to take the next step in building security, we would be glad to provide you with more information about cloud-based access control. Texas businesses of all sizes, please contact RC Security Consulting to request a complimentary consultation.

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