how to choose an security company in texas

Choosing an integrator for your commercial project doesn’t have to be a major undertaking. With a few essential steps, it’s easy to make a decision you feel good about. You want to select a security integrator that provides:

Detailed Risk Assessment

When a risk assessment is provided by an experienced, qualified security integrator, it isn’t just another a sales call. When you request this appointment, you should expect a detailed assessment of the security risks on your business property. Every spot should be covered: doors, high traffic areas inside, remote areas outside. Other areas of weakness include places on the property where prowlers could hide out. A good security integrator can identify these spots and plainly describe how they can provide the right solutions.

A Range of Services

Business security systems are intricate things; that’s why it’s important to choose a single integrator to oversee project from start to finish. Going the multiple contractor route is not advisable; if something goes wrong, it can be difficult to know where the accountability lies. With a single vendor that provides the entire range of services needed – alarms, cameras, access control, telephone systems, network cabling and commercial audio – the project is far more likely to be a success.  

Extraordinary Service

A large, “corporate branded” provider may talk a good game, but security is an industry where service is king. You need world class service and support – not just during design and installation, but long after those services are complete. Security products can be serviced more quickly and effectively when your integrator is a local provider you know and trust. And monitoring? As anyone who has ever had a break-in will tell you, service is invaluable when it comes to responding to alarm signals.

This is an essential checklist for choosing your next provider of business security. Texas businesses that want to learn more, contact RC Security Consulting to learn more. We will be glad to speak with you.

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