Big Box Security Cameras vs. Enterprise Video Surveillance

At some commercial enterprises, it can be tempting to cut costs by looking to big box stores for security camera solutions rather than seeking out the expertise of an enterprise video expert. We caution against relying on retailers for video surveillance – or any security technology, for that matter. Consider these reasons.

Limited Selection

The local warehouse store tends to keep a handful of security camera selections in stock – but sometimes, even calling the selection a “handful” can be generous. Not only are you likely to be limited to a narrow range of brands, but you may also be given options that are better designed for residential applications. Businesses need business security solutions, and that’s why they should look to commercial security integrators for their video surveillance.

Inadequate Support

The larger the commercial property, the more cameras the video surveillance system will need to support. A big box store may offer a system that supports six to eight cameras at best, but the footprint of the average enterprise will need more. A commercial security provider that specializes in enterprise-level security will have access to all-in-one systems that support dozens of cameras, not half a dozen. For total video surveillance coverage, this is what you want as a business owner.

Zero Specialization

Maybe there’s a great deal on security cameras at the local warehouse retailer – but what happens when you leave the store? There’s no one to perform installation, no one to integrate the camera system with alarm devices, and no one qualified to repair the system if something goes wrong. Plus, who’s going to monitor the video? 

With a specialized security provider, all of these services are available from a single, qualified source. This gives business owners a user-friendly experience with their video surveillance and keeps the system performing optimally for years to come.

These are some of the most important distinctions between security cameras purchased at big box stores vs. those provided by a specialized electronic security integrator. If you’re seeking video surveillance solutions for your own enterprise, contact RC Security Consulting. We will be glad to help you explore options that work for your business.

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