Managing an enterprise level security system is a substantial obligation, but breaking it down to a checklist can simplify the responsibilities. Here are more ways to manage building security…

Checking Image Quality

Camera angles should be checked often in order to ensure the right areas of the property are being recorded and monitored. However, another critical check to video surveillance is the quality of the footage. Night images, specifically, are more susceptible to lapses in quality; if you notice this frequently in your footage, it could be time for an upgrade. An experienced integrator can properly advise you. 

Checking Time Synching

Even when the system is connected to a server that automatically syncs time, this should be checked on a regular basis to ensure it’s happening properly. Here’s one very important reason: If the time on a piece of critical footage is off, even by a few seconds, it could be considered inadmissible in court. If an incident ever occurs that leads to a legal case, time synching becomes a very real concern. In addition to verifying the time sync on video surveillance, the time on access control systems should be looked at often as well.

Automating Backups  

Like any computerized system, security system equipment requires regular automated backups. In the event of an unexpected crash, very few managers have the time to manually enter the hundreds of records that were lost. For most organizations, the first crash is the only crash before an automated backup policy is implemented. It’s a lesson you don’t want to learn the hard way.

These security system management tasks may seem daunting on their face, but an experienced security integrator can help simplify the tasks even further. To inquire about better ways to manage building security in Texas, contact RC Security Consulting. 

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