Onsite management is essential for all security equipment – even the highest quality, most professionally installed electronic building security. Texas organizations can better manage their systems by performing these steps.

Managing Video Storage

Video storage has evolved substantially over the years, and that’s a big advantage for large enterprises. Part of managing that storage is knowing how much is available at any given time. For instance: Retail managers who believe they have 90+ days of storage available – when in reality, they only have 30 days or less – are unwittingly putting the site at risk of a major breach. Weekly checks on video storage are recommended in order to avoid this vulnerability.

Checking Camera Angles

Another important security system management task is performing scheduled checks on the recording angles of the cameras. There are few greater security weaknesses than cameras unintentionally pointed at the wrong angle for long periods of time before they are discovered.

Recording hours of footage in an unintended direction can easily lead to a serious breach, particularly for cameras in high traffic areas of the site. Even in remote areas of a site, offenses can happen and the cameras should be angled correctly in order to capture them.

Look for Non-Electronic Vulnerabilities

In order to mitigate security risks, we sometimes need to think like security offenders. Ask questions like:

Are our passwords penetrable? If so, implement a password policy that makes them more complex, and requires them to be updated regularly.

Where are our physical security gaps? Are there blind spots on the floor? Rooms that should be restricted with access control? Ask about upgrades and additional integrations as solutions for those gaps.

Does onsite security do its job? If live security guards are on staff, assess how effectively they check photo IDs and conduct other protocols.

These are some of the most critical tasks for managing electronic building security. Texas organizations with questions on these steps should contact RC Security Consulting for more information.

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